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Author: cvs Last modified by: William A Kitch Created Date: 3/24/2007 4:36:34 AM Company: sffs Other titles: Boring Log 1 Boring Log 2 'Boring Log 1'!PrintArea 'Boring Log 2'!PrintArea. On the borehole log, the name of the minor fraction is written as the prefix in lower case, and the major fraction as the suffix in upper case, followed by the origin/depositional environment in brackets (lower case). For composite soils, the modifiers ‘trace’ or ‘with’ can be.

LogBorehole Log Template ExcelBorehole Log Template ExcelBorehole Log Template Excel

Have you just moved from gINT to LOGDRAFT and need to access your old gINT datafiles? Does your company have a partner who uses gINT?

The optional LOGDRAFT gINT add-on is a custom importer for gINT database files that will translate both boring log and laboratory test data into a format specifically compatible with your favorite LOGDRAFT log form. It's easy to use: after installing the add-on, you simply select 'Project' > 'Open' from your regular LOGDRAFT opening screen, then pick an existing gINT file to open instead of a LOGDRAFT project. In response, the importer creates a LOGDRAFT-compatible project containing all your your gINT data, reformatted to best fit your LOGDRAFT log form. The original gINT database is not modified.

Borehole Data

The license cost for the importer is $300, which includes a custom configuration to ensure that all data in your gINT databases gets transferred over to your LOGDRAFT report forms.

Borehole Log Template Excel Free

Borehole Log Template Excel

Borehole Log Template Excel Template

To license the add-on, simply send your contact details, along with a copy of your main LOGDRAFT data entry form (it's a file with a .LDT extension that you'll find in your program's shareable configuration file directory) and report form (it'll have a .FDT extension) to [email protected]