Access ConQuest Estimating is trusted by over 800 UK contractors.
Online Enquiries forms part of the system and is a free service designed to make it easier for subcontractors and suppliers to view and download contract documentation quickly.
As many businesses prepare their estimates using Access ConQuest Estimating, it is likely that you will receive enquiries on the system from several main contractors.
If you have any difficulties accessing documents sent to you or would like to suggest any improvements to the service, please email [email protected]

For more information about Access ConQuest Estimating, visit the website

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The ConQuest Quick Guide files cover a range of topics for getting started in each module including;

  • Estimating
  • Valuations
  • Comparisons
  • On Line Enquiries
  • ConQuest Noticeboard
  • On Screen Take Off
You can run the Quick Guide files on a server or locally on your own machine (as long as the Q-Series application is installed). In either case you will need to download the 'Network Help Files' below.

NOTE: You may need administrator access to install the Quick Guides. For more details contact support.

Local Setup

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As long as you have ConQuest Q-Series installed on your machine you can run the Quick Guide files locally.

  1. Download the 'Quick Guide File'
  2. Place the downloaded 'helpcontent' file in 'C:ConQuest Q-SeriesHelp'
  3. From within the Q-Series application go to 'Help > Quick Guides'

ConQuest produces the leading Estimating, Cost Planning and Surveying software for Main Contractors, Specialist Subcontractors, Refurbishment & Fit Out Contractors. ConQuest Estimating Software is Fast, Flexible & Easy to use Soup Creative Ltd is available Looking for more video pros? The pages also detail short guides and hints for installing and configuring the software. Should you need any help please contact support on +44 (0)1204 669 689.

Conquest Estimating Software

Conquest Estimating Software

Network Setup

Network Quick Guide setup allow multiple users to connect and watch quick guides without having to install the Quick Guide files on each user machine. The network Quick Guides service runs on port 27378 which shouldbe allowed through any firewalls that may be running.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or later must be installed on the machine running the Quick Guides service.
  • The machine running the Quick Guides services must be Microsoft Windows 7/2008 R2 or later

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Network Installation

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  1. Download the 'Network Help Installer'
  2. Run the installer as an administrator using the default settings
  3. Download the 'Quick Guides File'
  4. Once the install is completed navigate to the install path, by default 'C:ConQuest Network Help'
  5. Place the downloaded 'helpcontent' file into this location
  6. Make sure that the 'HostAddress' in 'ConQuestHelpServer.exe.config' matches the machine name of the server you have installed to
  7. On the user machine start ConQuest Q-Series and go to 'Options > Help'
  8. Check 'External Server' and under 'External Server Settings' enter the name of the machine that is running the service and the port number.
  9. The user can now access the quick guides from within the Q-Series application go to 'Help > Quick Guides'

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Should you need help setting up the help files please contact support