Description: A software package for diagnostics of passenger cars. To work with adapters Delphi DS150E sn: 100251

Year / Release Date: 2017
Version: 2017.3
System requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, Windows 2003 Server, Windows® XP (*) SP3
Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tabletka: present
We will unpack the downloaded rar file of the program itself to the PC desktop;
go to the “C” drive in the “Program Files” folder (if you have Windows 64bit in the “Program Files x86” folder) create a new folder called “Delphi”, And transfer the “cars_Delphi_2017r3” folder and for freight
find the file “Main.exe”, press the right mouse button and create a shortcut and send it to the desktop.
Launching the program
Click “START” and save the file called “FileActivationCar” on your PC desktop
An error may pop up, do not pay attention.
Disable antivirus and internet.
Launch the keygen
We indicate our FileActivationCar, full activation lights up in the keygen
Press start again, select “no” in the window, Specify our FileActivationCar and wait for the installation.


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