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5.8 Improved Matrix, Sharpening & Mask functionality (video)
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Version history

5.7 - Added limiter in RGBamplifier, Sharpening softener, VHS DeGhosting
5.6 - Support TEXT annotation variables with F2 key. (video)
5.5 - New DENOISE Dirt & CURVE Data bit depth. (video)
5.4 - Added HUE in Tools & Append in Core filters. (video)
5.3 - Opens more proprietary videos. New Matrix option. (video)
5.2 - New override, F7 & efficiency (video)
5.1 - New edging options & efficiency (page #5)
5.0 - Major feature improvements (see video)
4.5 - Moved Colorize. Improved speed & error control
4.4 - Added Focus in Tools & Min/Max Analysis
4.3 - Added PsuedoColors test & ANALYSIS group
4.2 - Added DCT test to FORENSIC - Analysis
4.1 - Added Analysis {authentication} slider
4.0 - Added STABILIZE section
3.9 - New F2 hotkey to set User Preferences
3.8 - New hotkeys. Simplified installation
3.7 - Simplified using multiple files
3.6 - Process higher resolution videos
3.5 - Expanded TOOLS Contrast & Saturation
3.4 - Added Suppress & Reverse. Bug fixes
3.3 - Added Desequencer, XVID sample, Codec
3.2 - Expanded HotSpot filter
3.1 - Added Canny and Sobel edge detection
3.0 - Added EQUALIZER section. Improved error control
2.9 - Added Fileinfo and more edging in FORENSICS
2.8 - Added FORENSIC section to replace PRO
2.7 - Added Field alignment and Transparency slider
2.6 - Added settings logging and TXT file support
2.5 - Added SuperResolution and TimeStamps
2.4 - Added HotSpot suppression and logo remover
2.3 - Added Deblocker
2.2 - Added Resize and Duplicate frame remover
2.1 - Added Denoise, Lens deblur, Field shift
2.0 - Windows 32/64-bit version
1.2 - Added Colorize, PRO group, Metadata logging
1.1 - Added Color amplification
1.0 - Windows 32-bit only version
0.8 - Added automation features
0.7 - Added Curves and Histogram
0.6 - Official beta release version
0.1b- Limited alpha release version

Ikena Forensic 8.0 Download

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.0 beta for Mac brings support for forensically sound, RAM-based checkm8 extraction, enabling full file system extraction and keychain decryption from a wide range of Apple devices.

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.0 beta for Mac offers forensically sound extraction of iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and iPhone SE (1.Gen) devices with a known or empty screen lock passcode. Instead of deriving from the base offered by the checkra1n jailbreak, our solution is derived directly from the checkm8 exploit. The patching of the device is performed completely in the RAM, and the operating system installed on the device is left untouched and is not used during the boot process.

Ikena Forensic 8.0 Download

The new extraction method is the cleanest yet. There are no log entries added on the device, and absolutely no changes are made to any area of the device storage, neither in the system nor in data partitions. The only exception when we must do an alteration is a situation of the file system being in the “dirty” state, in which case our solution must fix the file system to enable unlocking.

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Our checkm8 solution supports all versions of iOS that can or could be installed on supported hardware up to and including iOS 14.5.1, with a sole exception of iOS 7 range (iPhone 5s). Most iOS betas are supported as well. Unofficial support is available for iPod touch (6.Gen), iPad Air (1.Gen), iPad mini 2/3/4, and iPad (5.Gen) devices.

Our new, direct extraction process offers a number of benefits compared to other extraction methods and competing solutions. We are offering a unique, forensically sound extraction process, with 100% of the patching occurring in the device RAM. Our process never boots the OS installed on the device, and never touches the system partition. Our tool does not bring any proprietary code along, providing links to download official Apple firmware matching the iOS version installed on the device (it will be patched and used to boot the device). Real-time guidance with instructions and countdowns is displayed to help install the exploit.

Ikena Forensic 8.0 Download Free

Checkm8-based extraction works with locked and disabled devices in BFU mode, while USB restricted mode can be completely bypassed.

Ikena Forensic 8.0 Download

With this update, Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit becomes the most advanced iOS acquisition tool on the market. The toolkit now supports all possible acquisition methods (with known limitations we’re working on). Agent-based extraction and checkm8-based extraction via device RAM are some of the tool’s unique features. The list of supported devices will be expanded in subsequent releases.