Recently we talked about some of the best iOS emulators for android and as promised here are some of the top iOS emulators for PC.

An emulator like Mobione becomes highly beneficial for app developers to test their cross-platform apps. The advanced algorithm included in this emulator can even activate status notifications, just like with the original iOS device. This is an ideal emulator for you to enjoy beta apps. #2 iOS Emulator for PC. MobiOne Studio - the iPhone app and web app designer and iPhone test center with iPhone emulator working on PC that enables you to create, customize and run iPhone user interfaces in minutes, not day. MobiOne Studio comes with a world class iPhone and iPad emulator that gives users the most realistic experience of actually using those devices. Through common text messaging, users can even send their apps directly to any mobile device to review. MobiOne Studio is a software that emulates iOS apps as well as it is also a visual designer which allows you to develop apps just like Android SDK works. As being both (emulator + designer) software, it is easy for beginners to develop an iOS app without much fuss. Compatible with any (almost every) device.

If you want to look for the basics of iOS emulators, I would recommend you check this article. And in this article, we will directly go to some of the best iOS emulators for PC or ios emulator for windows.


  • 1 Top 10 iOS Emulators for Windows PC

What is Emulator?

An emulator is a simple software that allows one computer to behave like another computer. For example, let’s say if we want our Windows computer to behave like MAC then we should use an emulator. This iOS emulator for windows can turn our windows PC to act like a MAC book. When we say act like means, it will start functionating all the iOS apps and games on Windows PC also. This way, without actually buying it, we can get our work done.

Emulators are majorly used for gaming, app development, and app testing in the industry and help a lot.

Mobione Studio Emulator Download

Top 10 iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Here are some of the best Apple emulator for PC which I have handpicked. Some of these are free while few are with a freemium plan. Depending on your need, you can select one and then using download link, download it and install.

#1 Mobione Studio

Mobione Studio is one of the best ios emulators for PC which helps us run almost all ios games and applications run on windows PC.

The only problem with Mobione Studio is, it has been discontinued officially but still, you can use it. The major reason behind putting this among the top is the features and trust. Even though this has been discontinued officially but still it is one of the best Apple emulators for PC.

This is best for those who want to test their iOS applications on Windows system. It also allows sending notifications.

Available to devices: Windows, MAC Book, iPhone, iPad

#2 Smartface

Smartface is another leading iOS emulator for windows. It is a great iPhone emulator for PC which helps you enjoy iOS-based games on PC. Smartface is widely used to build cross-platform iOS apps. And even Smartface is quite popular in developer community where they use their iOS apps to test.

Smartface is a freemium tool which can be either used for free with some limitations or can be bought to use the full feature. The cost of the premium version starts at $99.

Also, it is one of the best alternatives to iPadian and so one of the most demanded as well.

Available to devices: Windows

#3 IPadian

IPadian is best iPad emulator for windows PC. In fact, IPadian is one of the most used iOS emulators as well which works amazingly.

The best thing about IPadian is, it also works with Android devices. It gives you the feel of an iPad on Android and Windows OS products.

Mobione Studio Emulator

Almost all the Apple features like Siri, TvOS, iMessage, Watchos and more can be accessed using IPadian. And this is the reason, IPadian is one of the most used iOS emulators for PC.

UI is another reason why people are more biased towards this emulator. IPadian has got some clean and user-friendly UI. Another big reason behind the popularity is being it completely FREE. Yes, you can use IPadian for free forever.

Available to devices: Windows, MAC, Linux


If you’re looking for a reliable freemium solution to iOS emulator for PC then is for you. This comes up with 7-days of free trial and after that, you can upgrade it for the premium plan. The only problem I found with is, sometimes it may even take 30 minutes to load all the apps. is easy to use and very easy to navigate. Even a beginner level person can work and get it done. It is a browser-based emulator and so demand less system configuration as well.

Available to devices: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari

#5 Air iPhone

Air iPhone works on the concepts of creating a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC and that enables you to see the actual screen.

If you have Adobe AIR framework installed on your system than Air iPhone will also support that. If it’s not installed on your system then just follow the Adobe official site and download it.

Air iPhone creates the user interface on your Windows PC thus by running all the apps and games of iOS on windows PC. If you’re looking for another free iOS emulator for PC, Air iPhone is for you.

Available to devices: Windows


If you’re fed up with the slowness issue of then is for you. is an alternative to Even many users say is far better than

With the help of, you will be able to develop and test Android and iOS applications on the cloud.

This ios Emulator for windows comes with the freemium plan. For the first 100 minutes free while later, it is paid with the charge of $0.05 per minute. For basic application development and testing, free plan should suffice.

#7 iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is a browser-based emulator and comes as an extension to Google Chrome. It works both as a Cloud OS and Simulator. You can explore the Apple features like Siri with iPad Simulator for free.

iPad Simulator is a virtual clone of iPad which we can use on Windows system for free. Also, if your requirement is cloud-based emulator then this iPad simulator is great for your requirement. The best thing about iPad Simulator is, it has drag and drop interface which allows you drag and drop ios application from PC to iPad Simulator.

Available to devices: Windows PC, Google Chrome

Update: This Chrome extension has been removed from Chrome official app as of now. You may download and install from third-party websites.

#8 Nintendo 3DS Emulator

We have talked a lot about Nintendo earlier and you can check a complete guide on Nintendo 3DS emulator for android, MAC, and PC.

As we talked in our detailed post, Nintendo 3DS Emulator is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows and has received the majority of positive feedback even from iOS users.

The only concern with Nintendo 3DS Emulator is, it is more aligned towards gaming. It allows you to play 3D games on Windows PC. It’s fast, reliable and provides a great experience.

Mobione Studio Emulator

Available to devices: Windows, iOS, MAC, Android

#9 iPhone Simulator

Another Apple emulator for PC which has excellent graphics then iPhone Simulator is for you. It has some added advantages for the Game users. And so, if you’re majorly looking for emulators to play iOS-based games then I would recommend you looking for either Nintendo 3DS or iPhone Simulator.

Another great thing about iPhone Simulator is, it comes for free and you can create a virtual UI clone of your iPhone on Windows PC.

Available to devices: Windows

#10 Ripple Emulator

Ripple has moved slowly but made a great presence in the emulator domain. It is often used for testing the iOS apps on Windows PC and also for the development. It is another Google Chrome extension-based iOS emulator and you can use this as an iPhone emulator for PC.

Also, it is another cloud-based iPhone emulator for Windows which supports almost all the iOS applications. The best thing about Ripple is, it’s compatibility. It can run all apps from iOS 1 to iOS 12. Also, act as great as an alternative to iPad emulator.

As it is a Chrome-based emulator and so demand minimum system configuration. And this is the reason why it is so popular among the developers and testers.


Mobione Studio Emulator For Pc

These were some of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC. My personal favorite is iPadian Emulator which is free and can be used for gaming, testing, and development. If 2nd will be asked then no doubt it will be Nintendo 3DS emulator.

Mobione Studio Iphone Emulator Download

Do try these and let us know your favorite one in the comment box!