This section was intended to be launched during the C.S.Patel issue of Aug 2008 as we had bought some nadis from him. This section is launched with obeisance to Sun God on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti.


Only 20-30 pages per manuscript will be kept for download at a time with the intention that Sanskrit scholars take the effort to translate it and send it back for publishing in the magazine. If full manuscript is given out people feel it’s a hefty task of translating it,but if we do it in small portions at a time it won’t appear as a daunting task. This is what has been experienced in the last 3 years when we went from scholar to scholar throughout India requesting them to translate including some well established institutions.Many took the complete manuscripts but never translated a single page. We must also be compassionate in understanding that scholars can be busy natives & doing anything for free is not possible by everyone as most scholars live in relatively poor conditions whereas we do nothing to help them.

Nepali Astrology Software

If you as a student of astrology know any Sanskrit scholar of whatever capability, then you could write to them and send them this manuscript, after his translation it would be passed for verification to another scholar and this way within several months we would have a good translation, thereby helping the whole community.If you have any manuscript or know of anyone who has any manuscript you can procure it and upload it here. It would come in under the heading 'Contribution By So & So'.You can download the manuscripts for free, take it to any Sanskrit Scholar in your locality or to a University in your city having Sanskrit Professors, sit with them personally and get it translated. This would be your personal service for Jyotish, something that others before you have failed to do so.

Hamro Patro is one of the first Nepali app to include Nepali Patro, launched in 2010. We started with a Nepali Calendar mobile app to help Nepalese living abroad stay in touch with Nepalese festivals and important dates in Nepali calendar year. Later on, to cater to the people who couldn’t type in Nepali using fonts like Preeti, Ganesh. MPanchang Janam Kundali Software. Mpanchang is one of the leading astrology portals and tops.

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  • Nepali Astrology Software' title='Nepali Astrology Software' /Kalsarpa Yoga Janma Kundali, Free Astrology Software. A lot has been read, said and discussed about the Kalsarpa Yoga. This yoga, and please notice the choice of words it is a yoga and not a dosha, is caused when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu.
  • Astrology software, free download In Nepali Q: What are the benefits of preparing a horoscope? A horoscope deals with all aspects of life and can tell you the character, personality, mentality, family, marriage, life, fortune, health, education and more. It reveals the strengths & weaknesses and helps you as a guide & success tool.

Nepali Astrology Software

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