Learning how to optimize your gun/load combination for maximum possible downrange performance is critical for long range shooting.

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  • Output can be displayed on a laptop PC, as well as the LCD readout on the PVM-21’s display unit. Being able to display/record info directly to a laptop PC is great. However, the software is buggy and unnecessarily complex. When it works, the software is very powerful, but we experienced multiple connectivity issues and unexplained software.
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Now you can easily utilize the power of ballistics software to give you the edge while hunting, long range shooting, developing new reloads or target shooting at the range with Shoot! ballistics app.

Use Shoot! ballistics app/software to:

  • Generate ballistic charts and find ballistic coefficients at the click of a button!
  • Easily calculate the optimum performance settings for your gun/ammo combination.
  • Optimize your gun/ammo combination for any game animal/target size zone up to 20 inches.
  • Store, organize and access all your gun and ammo/reload information fast and easily.
  • Understand how your favorite reload or factory ammo performs out to various ranges (instantly!)
  • Quickly search 8000+ factory loads, bullets, etc for Centerfire, Rimfire, Muzzleloader & Shotgun slugs to use in Shoot! Search over 350+ cartridges and 65 different manufacturers!
  • Calculate what sight adjustments (Clicks, MOA or MILS for elevation and windage) are required to score hits at extreme ranges in ‘Ballistic Report’ mode.
  • Visually compare up to 3 loads – you see the shots on a scaled target image or just graph it.
  • Select Drag Tables to match your bullet profile for accurate long range shooting (G1, G2, G5, G6, G7, G8) and convert ballistic coefficients from one Drag Table to another.
  • Show results in Yards or Metres
  • Select one of 7 different sized target images in Shoot! to cover short to long range shooting
  • Correct barometric pressure for any Altitude up to 25,000 feet
  • Select or enter any wind direction to see how this effects the bullet’s trajectory at short/long ranges (i.e. 10mph wind coming from North West or South East or a custom direction of 220 degrees – its up to you)
  • Easily change Atmospheric Conditions to suit your shooting environment
  • Your gun is sighted-in 1″ high at 50 yards. Where will the bullet impact 100, 200 or even 500 yards downrange?Just watch the target image to see where the bullet impacts – even when it is off the target! You can explore the what ‘ifs’ easily and best of all, you see the result.
  • See how your gun performs when velocities are increased, different bullets used.
  • Plus much, much more…
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    with headwinds, tailwinds and
    angled winds
    Select up to 3 loads to
    compare and watch the scaled
    Pointtarget to understand which
    load performs the best
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