Design and develop your personalized penitentiary in Prison Architect. Customized Confinement Allocate resources to optimize your compound, but don’t restrict the flow of the crowd lest you encounter a flood, fire, fight, or full-blown riot. General prison design tips. Download this prison cell calculator (or use the web version) to assist you in accurately planning the size for the foundation. A Holding Cell is a cheap way to house prisoners early on, but is only a temporary measure until you can construct individual cells for each prisoner. Make sure to place multiple beds in.


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There are 2 main game modes of Prison Architect: the story campaign and a sandbox mode.The story campaign is very gripping and your success is dependent upon prisoners staying in your prison. Make sure they don’t escape by appealing to their better nature and giving them hopes for their future or by treating them like caged animals and depriving them of their humanity and personality. Your task is to take a useless plot of land and build a prison facility with the aim of housing prisoners. You are paid per person, per day. Start with a small prison and make it larger so that you can accommodate more prisoners to get more money with which you can make your prison even larger. Variety of construction options Discover robust, varied and easy to use building options as you construct your prison.Use a handy, little, planning tool to plan the size, location, and layout of your buildings.Lay down outer walls of a building and the foundation, and separately instruct workers where to stick the inner walls to construct the rooms within. Prison Architect features a variety of zoning tools at your disposal. They allow you to specify what functions each room will fulfill. There are plenty of options such as offices for the staff, holding cells, individual cells for the prisoners, showers, canteen, and many more. Don’t forget to lay down some utilities for electricity and water. Build your prison without any restrictions If you don’t have creative design abilities, you can happily build a series of boxes with rooms in them. If you want something more complicated, or you want it to look like USS Enterprise, go for it! You can build your prison, however you like. Once you’ve built a prison, the next stage is, of course, bringing in the residents and beginning to manage it. In-depth management The management aspect is even more complex than the building aspect.Proper planning and balancing are essential to create a successful prison.Build too much too soon and you could run out of money. Build too little and you could end up in problematic situations. However, remember that you have everything you could possibly need to manage your prison efficiently. Employ office staff and use them to unlock various parts of a research tree. Gain access to a robust and comprehensive range of statistics and options. Use the report screen to be kept apprised of a number of statistics ranging from the prisoners wants and needs, a list of staff, the ratio of the security levels, and the prisoners you take into the prison. Customize your prisoners Balance how easy your prisoners are to manage versus the amount of money they bring in.Check what grants you can take on to gain more money to your prison in exchange for completing specific tasks. You can even see what your prison is worth and sell it, and use the funds raised to build a new prison! A massive variety of functions at your disposal Start an education programme for your prisoners, put them to work with prison labour so as to reduce expenditure on staff, arm your guards, segregate prisoners, and manage everything easier every second. Prison Architect is a superbly well designed and built management simulator! Different residents of your prison There are 3 varieties of a prisoner: low security, normal security and max security. Each type brings different income level, and some individuals even have their own biographies. Keep your prisoners happy and they’ll bring you money!Remember, that all prisoners require very careful management, constant attention, and plenty of guards to keep them under control. Even then, they are constantly making trouble and very difficult to predict. They are also smuggling contraband and form gangs which get angry if you punish their leaders. Key features 3 different campaign modes in which you can manage your prison An absorbing, story-driven mode Complex sandbox campaign Advanced construction system with various options, buildings, and locations Building without any limits: build exactly the same prison as you imagine Different management options including employing staff and deciding about outgoings A lot of customization options for your prisoners


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