The Go-Sheilas are a female-fronted pop/punk band from Orange County, CA, formed in 2006. The Go-Sheilas were formed by OC punk Andy Fisher (ex-Letdown) to take his “guitar-driven punk style” and infect it with “contagious melodies.” Fisher, on guitar, recruited ’80s pop-loving Sheila to front his band, with Dave Robinson on lead guitar, Tobie Hutto on bass, and Dan Carlton (ex-Mad Marge and the Stone Cutters, The Rezurex) on drums. So, with Fisher’s Southern California punk influence, and Sheila’s ’80s pop adoration, “The Go-Sheilas are what it would sound like if Belinda Carlisle fronted Green Day.” I would have said the Ramones meet The Go-Go’s, but, it’s the same thing. Sheila Go-Sheila (aka Sheila Fisher, Andy’s wife) does, in fact, sound like ex-Go-Go’s singer Belinda Carlisle. And, apparently, Sheila’s day job is as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. So, Sheila, like me (U.S. Department of Defense), was, as a federal employee, furloughed (or maybe not being Homeland Security and all).

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After a self-released 4-song EP in 2006, The Go-Sheilas released their debut full-length, Greatest Hits Vol.1, in 2008. “Simple Plan”, from the EP (but, re-recorded for the album), was, apparently, featured on two sitcoms, ABC‘s Notes from the Underbelly (2007-08) and Fox‘s The Loop (2006-07). Yeah, I’ve never seen those shows either. Oh, wait, I have seen The Loop with Bret Harrison from Reaper (2007-09). Anyway, Greatest Hits Vol.1, is a pretty cool album. Love the cover. It’s a fun listen through and through, nothing more, nothing less. My favorite tracks are “Vacation” – umm, I mean “Holiday” – and “Procrastination” (which sounds way more like The Go-Go’s than “Holiday” despite my dumb joke about the title). “What I Say” and “I Can Make It” are cool poppier tracks, while “Yada Yada Yada” is definitely the most punk. The intro to “True” kind of reminds me of The Only Ones‘ power pop classic “Another Girl, Another Planet”. And, of course, Sheila’s ’80s love shines on their excellent cover of “99 Red Balloons”.

Watch the video for “99 Red Balloons” here:

世界3位になるニュー・エキサイト・オンナバンド“CHAI”のOfficial Website. Pierce The Veil – Just The Way You Are.

And, watch The Go-Sheila‘s cover Joan Jett‘s “Bad Reputation” live here:The Go-Sheilas Discography
2006 – The Go-Sheilas

Punk Goes Pop Discography


Pop Goes Punk 2

Goes2008 – Greatest Hits Vol.1 [Album]

Pop Goes Punk 8

Жанр: Punk-Rock/Pop-Punk Страна: Canada (Ajax, Ontario) Аудио кодек: MP3 Тип рипа: tracks Битрейт аудио: VBR 125-320 kbps
Band Members:
Deryck 'Bizzy D' Whibley - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Tom 'Brown Tom' Thacker - Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jason 'Cone' McCaslin - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve 'Stevo 32' Jocz - Drums, Percussion
Former Members:
Dave 'Brown Sound' Baksh - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (1997–2006)

Официальная Дискография:
2000 - Half Hour Of Power (320 kbps)
2001 - All Killer No Filler (320 kbps)
2002 - Does This Look Infected? (320 kbps)
2004 - Chuck (320 kbps); +[Japan Bonus CD (320 kbps)], +[Japan Bonus DVD (192 kbps)]
2007 - Underclass Hero (320 kbps)
2011 - Screaming Bloody Murder (320 kbps)
2008 - 8 Years Of Blood, Sake And Tears: The Best Of Sum 41 2000-2008 (Japan) (320 kbps)
2009 - All The Good Shit 14: Solid Gold Hits 2000-2008 (320 kbps)
2002 - Motivation EP (320 kbps)
2003 - Does This Look Infected Too? (320 kbps)
1998 - Rock Out With Your Cock Out (Demo Cassette) (320 kbps)
Live Albums
2005 - Happy Live Surprise (Japan) (320 kbps)
2006 - Go Chuck Yourself (320 kbps)
2011 - Live At The House Of Blues: Cleveland 9.15.07 (320 kbps)
2000 - Makes No Difference (320 kbps)
2001 - Fat Lip (320 kbps)
2001 - In Too Deep (vbr 275-279 kbps)
2002 - Motivation (192 kpbs)
2002 - Handle This (vbr 128-320 kbps)
2002 - It's What We're All About (320 kbps)
2002 - Still Waiting (vbr 128-320 kbps)
2003 - The Hell Song (vbr 192-320 kbps)
2003 - Over My Head (Better Off Dead) (192 kbps)
2004 - We're All To Blame (320 kbps)
2005 - Pieces (320 kbps)
2005 - Some Say (~225 kbps)
2005 - No Reason (320 kbps)
2007 - March Of The Dogs (320 kbps)
2007 - Underclass Hero (vbr 125-320 kbps)
2007 - Walking Disaster (320 kbps)
2008 - With Me (~218 kbps)
2008 - Always (320 kbps)
2010 - Scumfuck (320 kbps)
2011 - Screaming Bloody Murder (320 kbps)

Punk Goes Pop Vol 5

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Punk Goes Pop 6

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Pop Goes Punk 7

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