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This introduces the permanent activation of the way, after permanently activated, you can rest assured that use, once and for all, five minutes to complete.

1 plug-in download

PyCharmPermanent activation need to download a plug-in: jetbrains-agent.jar, plug-in download address , a .jarfile, based on javathe.
The jetbrains-agent.jarcrack file into PyCharminstall directory binbelow, such as I: D:Program FilesJetBrainsPyCharm 2019.1.2binthis directory.

2 Create a project

If you are just downloaded PyCharm, you need to click to activate the window of “Evaluate for free”the free trial, and then click Create New ProjectCreate an empty project, so that you can enter to PyCharmwork page

3 modify the configuration file

Click on Pycharmthe top menu bar 'Help' -> 'Edit Custom VM Options ...', if prompted whether you want to create a file, tap 'Yes'.
In the open vmoptionsedit window last line add: -javaagent:D:Program FilesJetBrainsPyCharm 2019.1.2binjetbrains-agent.jar
please double-check patch path is correct, incorrect, then start PyCharmto fail. The important thing to say three times:
After finished modifying the configuration file restart Pycharm
modify the configuration file after completing the restart Pycharm
After you finish modifying the configuration file restart Pycharm
If an error occurs PyCharmcase open, and this time you can delete the user profile directory under the PyCharmfolder:C:Users26015.PyCharm2019.1

Pycharm 2019.1 Activation Code

4 Enter the activation code

Restart PyCharmAfter that, click on the menu bar “Help” -> “Register …”, there are two ways to activate:
Select the final License server activation, address to the box: http://jetbrains-license-server(should be automatically filled in), or click on the button: 'Discover Server' to automatically populate the address, complete activation.

5 expiration date,

When you activate completion, there will be a lower right corner PyCharm Registration small strip prompt box, roughly says:You copy is Licensed to userName

Pycharm 2019.1 Activation Code Free