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5 milliones de views! WOW y seguimos creciendo cada dia. Gracias mi gente hermosa. Pueden ver mis mesclas de salsa en vivo por facebook aqui: al Facebook Live que hago cada semana, y vayaaaa salseros!Old School Salsa mixed by DJ Leche ... model: Betsy V Http://

Descargar Mp3 Salsa Mix Bailable en alta calidad (HD), lo nuevo de sus canciones, remixes, acusticos, acapelas y los videos que estan de moda este presente 2021, bajar canciones de Salsa Mix Bailable en los diferentes formatos de audio y video disponibles; MP3, ACC, M4A, MP4. Page 1/3: Royalty free music tracks by genre Salsa. Pop salsa latin music fit for sunny movie in countries as Miami or Cuba,Fiesta y sol,happy party and sun.I used piano and brass ensamble.

Salsa Mix Download Mp3

Mix Salsa Sensual Mp3 Download

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Comment by German Hernandez

pa. bilar

Comment by Yorman Adelson Yanes


Comment by dj papo elsalsero

the first song el africando

Comment by Noé

Sabroso mix

Comment by Jeff Deleon

@ruben-escafi africando - yay boy

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Comment by Vanessa salazar

Amigo puedo usar tu mezcla en mi canal y te doy créditos . Buen trabajo

Comment by cubanito813 Martines

musical buena👍

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Comment by DJLeche

@dj-guanche: gracias hermano voy a chekear tu mix

Comment by DJLeche

@hector-salais: artist: joe aroyo song: rebellion

Comment by DJLeche

@barbara-sanchez-85784448: yes that rythm has a nice cumbia like feel to it in that part, arranger must be a latin jazz, cumbia type guy,

Comment by DJLeche

@fred-melendez-1: saludos fred

Comment by DJLeche

@deonte-watts-32564437: artista es 'joe aroyo' the song is ' rebellion'

Comment by DJLeche

Salsa mix download mp3

Salsa Mix Download Mp3 Songs

@martin-castro-958305503: gracias martin me alegra que lo gozaste

Comment by DJLeche

@carolina-cura: cheers

Comment by DJLeche

@georges-alias-cage: cheers george

Comment by DJLeche

@user-152974: i appreciate that! i can't believe its been 8 years and i still get messages everyday! volume 2 coming this eyar

Comment by DJLeche

@sabah-awad-1: artist is el gran combo de puerto rico and song is 'ojitos chinitos'

Comment by DJLeche

@ruben-escafi: africando es el grupo y el tema se llama 'yay boy'

Comment by DJLeche

@dujo-cuba: viva cuba!

Comment by User 152974

this is what i call salsa mix love it

Comment by Georges Alias Cage

Top top top

Comment by Sabah Awad

song name?

Comment by ruben escafi

Como se llama el grupo del primer tema que sale en este mix

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The Salsa Loca maxi-cd - highly praised by the Salsa critics.

December 2003 the first and long awaited release from Salsa Loca was released.
The maxi CD with three original tracks was released as an appetizer to a coming full-length production.

The maxi CD was overwhelmingly received by the critics in Denmark and internationally.
Read what the critics wrote ...
... at (in English).
... at (in German)
... at (in Danish at the most influntial Danish Salsa portal).
You can listen to or download the three songs in full length here for free!
El Amor de mis Sueños (5:19), written by the Salsa Loca trombone player, Jakob Johansen.
... Mp3 (4.9 Mb, 128 Kpbs)
... Windows Media (3.7 Mb)
... Real Audio (3.1 Mb, compressed for Dual ISDN)
... Ogg Vorbis (4.5 Mb)
Amor Con Amor (5:46), written by the Salsa Loca bass player, Per Kincaid.
... Mp3 (5.3 Mb, 128 Kpbs)
... Windows Media (4.1 Mb)
... Real Audio (3.4 Mb, compressed for Dual ISDN)
... Ogg Vorbis (4.9 Mb)
Salsa Loca (5:08), written by the Salsa Locas piano player, Sten Holme.
... Mp3 (4.7 Mb, 128 Kpbs)
... Windows Media (3.7 Mb)
... Real Audio (3.0 Mb, compressed for Dual ISDN)
... Ogg Vorbis (4.4 Mb)

You can buy the Salsa Loca maxi CD 'Amor Con Amor' here or at concerts with Salsa Loca.