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Sim Brothel 2 Revival Teleporter

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After playing the original sim brothel games a while back, I tried to look for a sequel and it brought me to a few different games. Since then, I want to share with you guys all of the sim brothel games I have managed to find.
Hentai Sim Brothel (Orginal, Newgrounds): http://sh.st/e3ZsC
SimBro 1.x: http://sh.st/e3Xl7 Download: http://sh.st/e3XQ0
SimBrothel: Revival: http://sh.st/e3XPb Download: http://sh.st/e3XZz
Sim brothel 2 revival guideBrothelS.im:http://sh.st/e3X1u Download:http://sh.st/e3X5R
MisBro:(Download only) http://sh.st/e3Cy9Revival
SimBrothel: PyTFall: http://sh.st/e3Cf0 Download: http://sh.st/e3ClH

Sim Brothel 2 Revival Save Game Editor

Rule34 Brothel:http://sh.st/e3CvQ Download:http://sh.st/e3CnA
Sim brothel 2 revival teleporterJava SimBrothel (Require registration):http://sh.st/e3COx Download: http://sh.st/e3CG4Sim

Sim Brothel 2 Revival Guide

nothing's SimBrothel: http://sh.st/e3CX1 Download:http://sh.st/e3CNs