Free software to read your card number – PACSprobe is an easy-to-use software tool to analyze card and reader and read card data.

Smart card encoding is the most expensive encoding option, but it offers the most storage and security. Smart card encoding is a feature found in advanced ID card software – if you need to encode these types of cards, look for software upgrade options or professional versions. Driver, Manuals, datasheets, technical specifications and libraries for smart card, pc-linked smart card reader, mobile card readers, fingerprint reader, pin pad reader and card readers with mass storage.

The utility detects the card type (prox, iCLASS, Mifare ..) and then reads data such as user ID, card number, facility code to name a few.

PACSprobe supports logical and physical access control cards on desktop card readers with USB interface.

HID iCLASS cards are supported
on all OMNIKEY card readers.

Card number worn-off? Faded fob and card labels won’t pose an issue anymore. The card number can be read using a desktop card reader and PACSprobe.

Smartcard Decoding Program Update

Smartcard Decoding Program Updated

Presenting a card to a card reader, displays the card number that’s printed on the card. PACSprobe displays card data. The resulting card number is copied to the clipboard for easy copy and paste.

The output can also be placed in the keyboard buffer, allowing you to populate Excel spread sheets, Notepad or any other software that accepts manual data input.


Building management staff uses our PACSProbe software to maintain and validate physical access cards.

PACSprobe allows maintenance engineers to check if a key fob is still working without the need of a door reader.

Smartcard Decoding Program Updates Windows

PACSprobe supports all HID OMNIKEY desktop readers and is the ideal tool to check a card number of a fob that’s a little worn and has an illegible card number label.


A quick card check goes way beyond the simple green light & beep test of a physical access control system.

Access control installers love the keyboard wedge feature. PACSprobe can drop card numbers directly into NotePad, Excel or any other editable field – without any software integration or source code modification of existing software application.

PACSprobe can be configured to support any card format supported by HID PROX, iCLASS, SEOS cards and many more.

It is so easy to use … it doesn’t even have an “easy button”.

We developed PACSprobe using our very own smart card library, SmartCard-API(professional). It is available at

Smartcard Decoding Program Update Template

SmartCardAPI is a set of .NET libraries. It allows C# and VB.NET software developers to write their own smart card software. SmartCardAPI supports PC/SC compliant card readers. A fully functional trial version can be downloaded for free.