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Modern Archeo-Acoustics

The AZ I AM brand integrates I AM consciousness with specifically engineered sound, in forms of Hip Hop, binaural beats, vibro-acoustic technology, direct frequencies from acoustic instruments as well as synthesized music production.

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  • Soulsonic Force (also referred to as Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force) is an American electro-funk and hip hop ensemble led by Afrika Bambaataa who helped establish hip-hop in the early 1980s with songs such as 'Planet Rock'.
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Maejor is an American record producer, singer, rapper and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. He has written and produced songs for several prominent artists in the music industry, including Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush, Ciara, Cody Simpons, Ne-Yo, Marc Anthony, Will Smith, Wiz Khalifa, Iggy Azalea, and Drake. He is also part of the EDM duo AREA21 alongside Dutch DJ Martin Garrix.

In 2013, Green was briefly signed to Def Jam Recordings, and released the breakout single as a solo artist, 'Lolly,' featuring Juicy J and longtime collaborator Justin Bieber. The song peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In addition to being a world-famous, highly successful musician, Maejor is a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation. He is avidly studying the powerful effects of sound with scientists at the Resonance Academy and creating music that resonates in frequencies targeted at deep healing and integration of the mind, body, and spirit. He is focused on restoring the use of sound for healing. Maejor is also working with film producers focused on implementing these healing properties of music into the soundtracks of their films.

Sonic Soul™ Sound:

More recent scientific and archeo-acoustic research is re-discovering the ancient methodologies using sound as medicine, as well as assisting in the process of conscious self-hypnosis, which is a unique aspect of the AZ I AM brand offerings.

Maejor produces and curates all sound, playlists and music for AZ I AM's in-studio, online and downloadable meditations, sound baths, and live DJ movement events.



Activate your Soul with High-Frequency Sonic Vibes:


The AZ I AM Sound & Energy Institute teaches Meditation, Sound Healing, Energy Healing based on the Science & History of Archeo-Acoustics. We offer trainings, programming and events to assist your healing, expanded awareness, connection to purpose, alignment with true intention and universal love.

Sonic Souls

AZ I AM'S 3-week, 60-hour Introductory Sound & Energy Teacher Training program establishes a foundation in Sound Healing that will advance your connection to energy & sound, deepen your understanding of archeo-acoustics, physics and music theory. We will touch upon the history of sound healing, expand your awareness of energy healing, teach the foundational skills to work with crystal bowls, gongs, sacred sound healing instruments, and build your confidence as a teacher, all the while while helping you connect with your true self and purpose - whether that includes becoming a teacher and healer or not. You will immerse yourself in the practice of Sound Healing, learn proper application, a-tune-ment and assessment in resonance with AZ I AM’s Reality-based Spirituality and Psychology.

AZ I AM Yoga 60-hr Introduction to Sound & Energy Teacher Training:

June 18 - July 4, 2021

Sign up for our next Introduction to Sound & Energy Healing 60-hour Training Course:

OriginNew York
GenresHip hop
Years active1980-present
LabelsTommy Boy

Soulsonic Force (also referred to as Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force) is an American electro-funk and hip hop ensemble led by Afrika Bambaataa who helped establish hip-hop in the early 1980s with songs such as 'Planet Rock'. They were also influential in the birth of the electro movement in America and helped pave the way for modern dance music styles such as electro-funk as well as the entire Miami bass scene.

In 1982, Soulsonic Force and Afrika Bambaataa released a single 'Planet Rock'. The song borrowed musical motifs from German electro-pop, British rock and African-American disco rap. All the different elements and musical styles were blended together; and in doing so, offered hip hop as a new vision for global harmony. The song became an immediate hit and stormed the music charts worldwide.[1]

Their most well-known songs are 'Planet Rock', 'Looking for the Perfect Beat' and 'Renegades of Funk' (which is one of the earliest political-conscious rap songs, alongside Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's 'The Message').

Soulsonic Force features on the title track of the Freestylers' debut album, We Rock Hard.


  • Mr. Biggs (real name: Ellis Williams)
  • Pow Wow (real name: Robert Darrell Allen)
  • The G.L.O.B.E (real name: John Miller)
  • DJ Jazzy Jay (real name: John Byas)
  • Cosmic Force (real name: Ben Spaander)
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  • Planet Rock: The Album (1986)
  • 'Planet Rock' (Swordfish Mix) on the Swordfish soundtrack (see Swordfish).


YearSinglePeak positionsAlbum
US DanceUK
1982'Planet Rock'48353Planet Rock - The Album
1983'Looking for the Perfect Beat'1886
1984'Renegades of Funk'2630
'Frantic Situation'89
1989'Return To Planet Rock (The Second Coming)' (feat. Jungle Brothers)(US only)
1992'Don't Stop... Planet Rock (The Remix EP)'30
1996'Planet Rock '96' (US only)Lost Generation
1998'Looking For The Perfect Beat '98' (US only)36
'Planet Rock '98' (Europe only)
1999'Who's In The House' (UK only)
2001'Planet Rock (Remixes) '01' (as Paul Oakenfold presents Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force)47
'—' denotes releases that did not chart or were not released.


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