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  1. Students' performance on TypingClub is measured in terms of stars. To pass a lesson, students have to earn between 1 to 5 stars. The number of stars awarded at the end of each lesson is determined by their performance on a given exercise (a combination of typing speed & accuracy).
  2. How to Build a 910-wpm Typing Bot with Just 12 Lines of Python. October 12th 2019 6,951 reads @RishabhRishabh. Hi, Go do something positive, like 'following me'.
  3. How to hack typing club you hold man. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply ferggrbg commented Nov 26, 2019. The hack makes it so.
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Typing is a skill that takes time to develop, but with practice and dedication, you can learn how to get faster at typing and improve your productivity on a day-to-day basis. One day, you may even improve your typing so much that you reach 40 wpm! More Tips on How to Type Faster. How To Save 21 Days Per Year By Typing Fast.

Typing Club Hacks

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For Android: 2.3 and upGuide: Typing Club cheats tutorial
When updated: 2018-06-07Star Rating: 0
Name: Typing Club hack for androidExtension: Apk
Author: Rafael F Prezia GomesFile Name: com.typingclub
Current Version: 1.0User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 50-Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: AndroidType: Education

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Where is the hack give me the download link please!

how do i hack please reply and help

Typing club hack to get all lessons done

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front page tab hack


if you have to hold down a letter hold it down than press the magnifying gl.



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Q: How to get the best score?

A: How do you get 100% real accuracy if you get some wrong and go back in fix it.

A: you try harder and harder to get better

A: 2hubfiqhbwf;oqf

A: sdssdsddsddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Q: What is your favourite trick in this game/app?

Q: What is your strategy?

A: Ummm..... to try and repeat even if it gets annoying

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About the application:

Learn and have fun typing, with the fresh typing club mobile

Typing Club Hack - Gallery:

TypingClub is one of the most flexible and engaging typing platforms. It provides a wide array of lessons during typing practice. Students are constantly challenged with a new type of exercise which ultimately results in better outcomes in terms of typing proficiency. Let's take a look at the types of lessons available on TypingClub:

  1. Standard typing

    Standard typing lessons use the regular typing engine you are familiar with. The font face as well as the font size can be customized.

  2. Block typing

    Block Typing places each character in an individual box. These lessons are helpful for introducing new characters because they allow students to pay proper attention to each key.

  3. Dynamic lessons

    The text of dynamic (or adapative) lessons is dynamically generated based on each student's weakest pairs of letters. Each line will start with the pair of letters that will be focused on and then build to words that contain the pair. The lesson's content will reflect the student's progress each time.

  4. Anchoring lessons

    Anchoring lessons are a great tool to reinforce proper typing technique. Students are prompted to hold down the J or F key while practicing letters on the opposite side of the keyboard. When creating custom anchoring lessons, be sure to only use keys located on one side of the keyboard, depending on which key (J or F) is anchoring the other hand.

  5. Games

    Games are plugged directly into Typing Jungle. They are an integral part of the course and are customizable just like a regular typing lesson. You can customize the text and passing requirements.

  6. Videos

    Videos are also plugged directly into Typing Jungle. They're both instructional and entertaining, and cover topics such as typing basics, good posture, and remembering to take breaks. These videos aim to keep your students engaged and excited about progressing through their lessons. When creating a custom course, you can add videos exactly as you would add any other lesson. If you find them distracting, simply delete the video lesson.

  7. Animated story typing

    Animated stories create a dynamic, creative environment for students to practice their typing. Students see a story develop as they type, and this immersive experience makes students feel like they are writing their own short story. The animated story typing videos are not plugged into Typing Jungle and are accessible as separate courses. Six stories are currently offered and available to use in your class: Going Solo, Ava & The Rabbit, The Perfect Match, Sam & Luna, Albert Goes to Symphony Hall, Camilla in the Amazon.

  8. Coding lessons

    Coding lessons allow students to practice how to type in different programming languages. This lesson type supports syntax highlighting according to the language. These lessons are not integrated into a particular course, but are available for you to add to custom course.