Loopmasters presents Logic Ultrabeat Electronic Drum Kits, a collection of special drum shots and sounds designed and arranged into Logic’s Ultrabeat Drum Sampler that comes bundled free within the Logic environment. The Pack Includes. 281 hand crafted samples, recorded with high end Apogee converters and presented in 24bit quality. Each sample was created by Colin from his choice arsenal. Another free drum kit filled with 15 808s, 10 claps, 5 crashes, 20 FX, 5 open hats, 20 hihats, 10 kicks, 10 percs, 10 snares and 10 loops. Trap Drum Kit by Sumeenk. The cool part about this kit is that it not only contains drum sounds. It further comes with 6 reese bass.

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Ultrabeat Drum Kits Free Downloads

Play Hip hop drum kits and beats for drums online

Ultrabeat Drum Kits Free Download

Hip hop music and movement was born in the poor districts of New York by Afro-American and Latin teenagers in the 70's.

Ultrabeat Drum Kits Free Download

Ultrabeat drum kits free

In Hip hop music the drums beats are usually played by electronic instruments or plug-ins, with samples of drumming beats and drum breaks taken from the great Rhythm'n'Blues and Funk tradition. When a drummer plays hip hop drums beats, he has to look for the right sound and the right groove, and in many cases he can add to his drum kit some electronic pads, as in this Hip hop drum kit version of the virtual drums.
Play Hip hop beats for drums in real time along to your favorite songs with Hip hop virtual drum kit by touching the screen or with your PC keyboard, pressing the keys corresponding to the drum kit elements, snare drum, bass drum, toms, cymbals and electronic pads.
Click on the 'Keys' button from the game menu to set the correspondence between the keys and the various elements of the virtual drum kit. Drums sounds, virtual drum kits and settings are different for each drum game.
Hip hop drumkit and virtual drum kits all require JavaScript enabled.