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  • Both children and adults have plenty of times in their lives when they are flooded with emotions. We can all use practice in learning how to use words to separate our feelings from our actions. In this set of resources, we will focus on how you can help children learn to use words to express how they are feeling so others will understand how they feel and/or what they what.
  • Use your words, use your words Use your words and say how you feel Most problems can be solved When you use your words So use your words and say how you feel Use your words, use your words. Use your words and say how you feel Use your words and say how you feel. Katerina took the first turn playing engineer And I growled loud enough for all to hear.

Daniel Tiger has a strategy for coping with pretty much everything life can throw at you. From feeling frustrated to trying new activities, that adorable orange tiger has you covered. It's so easy to learn from him that you can sum up every lesson from Daniel Tiger in one sentence. There is even a song (or two, or three) to go with every lesson — and they're seriously catchy.

Use Your Words Daniel Tiger

Thanks to the practicality of these lessons, it isn't just your kids who can benefit from what Daniel Tiger teaches. I've found myself on more than one occasion picking up what DT has put down in song form. I am not ashamed to admit that 'When you're feeling frustrated, take a step back,' runs through my head from time to time when I'm about to have a major moment and flip out after my kids have begged me to go to the park for the eighth straight time despite a raging thunderstorm outside, or something equally as ridiculous. Whatever works, right?

These handy sentences sum up some of life's most difficult moments, and thanks to the fact that your kid is likely obsessed with Daniel Tiger already, they'll be able to catch on to some of these strategies sooner rather than later and hopefully be better adults one day because of it.

'Are you sad? Are you hungry? Do you need a hug?' Yes, yes, and yes, Daniel Tiger! I am all of those things. You took the words right out of my mouth. Oh, I should say them? Oh. Ok, got it.

This lesson is one that finds its way straight out of Daniel Tiger's mouth and right into my soul every time I hear it: 'Most problems can be solved when you use your words, so use your words and say how you feel.' Now, if toddlers would just understand and follow this advice, parenting would be a heck of a lot easier.

When Daniel and friends worry about doing something new for the first time, like getting a haircut or going to the doctor, the adults in their life reassure them that despite feeling scared, new experiences can be exciting and wonderful. Singing a song like 'When We Do Something New' when your child isn't so sure about a new adventure can help encourage them to be brave and help them understand that new things don't have to be scary at all.

Use Your Words Daniel Tiger


Use Your Words Daniel Tiger Lyrics


Daniel Tiger Use Your Words Dailymotion

This is also a great reminder for adults. Are you starting a new job? Is your baby going off to kindergarten? Doing new things can be scary, but do them anyway.