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Duck's Dating Service - an excellent resource, lots of serial numbers for many brands of guitars. OTHER 'JUNK GUITAR' SITES: Cheesy Guitars - a true kindred spirit, Meatex Z has created a wonderful site dedicated to all those unplayable Russian and Eastern European guitars. He was also nice enough to give me credit for naming his site. Welcome to the official dealer web site for Ventura Musical Products. Our product is sold only by authorized independent music retailers, and this web site is intended for the sole use of our present and prospective music dealers, with controlled access. Click on for what s new, product details and photos, and an opportunity to contribute to.

Ventura Guitar Serial Number Lookup Model

On American made vintage gear, the pots and speakers provide an excellent opportunity to date a piece of equipment by referencing their 'source-datecode'.Guitar

Ventura Guitar Serial Number Lookup

The source-date code found on pots and speakers gives the manufacturerand date (roughly) when the components were made. It may have been some time before the part was installed at the factory, but it still provides a good approximation of when the gear was made. This is especially helpfulon (less popular) gear that doesn`t have reliable serial#`s or other information to date them.


The source-date code will signify the earliest possible date thatthe instrument or amp could have been made. This isn't going to be exact, butit will give you a 'ball-park' age. And remember, even the dates indicatedby the pots aren't that exact. For example, if you buy a brand new CTSpot today, they are dated a month or two in advance! It's worth mentioningsince a lot of people rely on pot dates.

Ventura Guitar Serial Number LookupNumber

That said, it's not uncommon for pot manufacturers to post date potsanywhere from a few weeks to as much as 18 months. (The standard todayis no more than 18 months, but back in the 1950s and 1960s, who knows?)Some large parts distributors would even return parts if the date code was'expired' and want 'fresh' parts in return. This seems silly,as we're talking about electronic parts not eggs. But if you think about it,parts like electrolytic cacpacitors, this could be an issue. Then theparts maker (like CTS) would have to eat the returned inventory, or sellit off to someone that didn't care about date codes, and probablyat a discounted amount. What I'm saying is that pot and capacitory date codes are nota reliable indicator of guitar build dates. Though they are one piece of the puzzle and something to consider, don't put too much faith into a pot date.

The source-date codes are under the framework of the 'ElectronicIndustries Association', which is a non-profit organization representingthe manufacturers of electronic parts. The EIA source-date code is anumeric code, assigned and registered by the EIA. It can be stampedor marked on any product to identify the production source (vendor) anddate of manufacturer. Source-date codes have been published by the EIA since 1924. The EIA can be contacted via mail:Electronics Industries Association, 2001 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington,D.C. 20006.