WWF Legends 2.1 No Mercy mod Hello all, newbie here. I have been searching all over the place, but i'm unable to find a working link to download WWF legends 2.1 mod for No Mercy. WWF Legends 2.1 No Mercy Mod Tribute! Posted by 1 year ago. WCW Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 and WWF No Mercy.

Heavyweight 1 - Main Eventers
01. Jeff Jarrett
02. Kurt Angle
03. Samoa Joe
04. Sting
05. AJ Styles
06. Booker T
07. Kevin Nash
08. Scott Steiner
09. Abyss

Heavyweight 2 - Tag Teams
10. Christian Cage
11. Brother Ray
12. Robert Roode
13. Rhino
14. Brother Devon
15. James Storm
16. Homicide
17. Hernandez

Wwf No Mercy Pc Mod

Heavyweight 3 - Midcarders
18. BG James
19. Kip James
20. Matt Morgan
21. Eric Young/Super Eric
22. Lance Rock

X Division 1 - X Division Stars (Part 1)
23. Petey Williams
24. Kaz
25. Jay Lethal
26. Alex Shelley
27. Chris Sabin
28. Sonjay Dutt


X Division 2 - X Division Stars (Part 2)
29. Curry Man/Christopher Daniels
30. Shark Boy
31. Sheik Abdul Bashir
32. Consequences Creed
33. Johnny Devine
34. Jimmy Rave

Knockouts 1 - Knockouts
35. Awesome Kong
36. Taylor Wilde
37. Gail Kim
38. Moose Knuckles
39. Roxxi
40. ODB
41. Angelina Love
42. Velvet Sky
43. Traci Brooks

Wwf legends 2.1

Knockouts 2 - Valets
44. Jacqueline
45. Christy Hemme
46. Salinas
47. Rhaka Khan
48. Sharmell
49. SoCal Val


50. Raven
51. Jeff Hardy
52. Ron Killings
53. Sabu
54. Monty Brown
55. Diamond Dallas Page
56. Ken Shamrock
57. Tomko
58. Black Reign

Alumni 2 - X Division Alumni
59. Syxx-Pac
60. Low Ki
61. Jerry Lynn
62. Kid Kash
63. Elix Skipper
64. The Amazing Red



Wwf No Mercy Legends Of Wrestling Mod


Wwf No Mercy Legends Of Wrestling Mod

Wwf No Mercy Mod Download


Wwf Legends Mod Download


Wwe No Mercy Mod


Welcome to No Mercy Mods! This is a site dedicated to the classic wrestling game, WWF No Mercy. Though over a decade old, No Mercy is still regarded as one of the finest wrestling games to ever exist.

*With the release of WWF Wrestlemania 2000, message board communities started experimenting with shifting the values of the game code with the popular cheat device Gameshark. This allowed for people to essentially splice and trim animations to create all new moves into the game and also create new match types. Cages could be made higher or even given roofs, colors could be changed around to create new arenas and hidden content could even be found left behind in the source code. The hacking would be taken much further with WWF No Mercy where archives like Jam Stubbs would not only offer the values for near every part of the game but also show off some impressive codes to try out. New moves are still being created on a daily basis by hackers.
*But most of exciting of all is the possibilities that came with emulation. When the Rice Video plug in was released with a texture dump and replacement feature included, it sparked a large interest in creating new high resolution versions of N64 classics, and no other game illustrates these possibilities better than No Mercy. Through this, fans have been able to not only include complete new rosters of authentic looking stars from wrestling and even comic books, but also make them in detailed high resolution giving the game a complete new look.
More recently, many people have changed the style of No Mercy texture projects by participating in what is called 'AKI' style texture modding. The graphics are made to simulate the low resolution style of the original cart, with fantastic results. Because of this, many full game conversions that would usually take years to finish, can be finished much more quickly.
New information and discoveries are still made to this day. Very recently, it was made possible to assign a different move-set for each individual wrestlers attire, opening up possibilities of huge rosters that could easily be over 100 wrestlers was now a reality. With the recent discovery of move-set replacements via direct rom hacking, it opens up even more space for hackers to cram more innovations in the game.
A small, but dedicated community continues to make this classic game feel fresh. Considering the sheer size of the wrestling world... past, present, and future, it is safe to say that new content will continue to come out regularly.
*From HardcoreGaming101.net